I'm on pictures, lately.  Words have taken a short respite.  Beware, though... it only means I've got an awful lot of shit to say.  I'm just not sure when I'm going to say it, or if you should even care.

The clouds here.  They caught me just the right way.


Green Pepper Blossom

The discrete but beautiful green pepper blossom.



Sure... that word can mean so very many things... mental, physical, verbal, sexual... all of the above at the same time (that's usually the best).  The best kind is the deep kind.  The kind that makes you sit up and say "mmmm.... yeah.  that's just fucking ok."  Followed by an intense, deep peace.  Like hot melted chocolate pouring over your heart.  Now that's RELEASE

A flavorful peace.  Arousing relaxation.  Think about that for a little while... 

and after, wander on over here for some real serious thinking...



"Freedom has the scent of the top of a new born baby's head..."  those words from Bono... and the Irish understand freedom.  Anyone who's lost it by any sense of the imagination understands this.  My 2 year old boy has this smell... right on the top of his head... it's freedom... new, evolving, beautiful.  Sometimes I follow him around just to catch a whiff.  Sometimes, when I hold him, I keep close contact so as to inhale his essence.  A 2 year old is just beginning to understand what's in front of him.  Exploring, feeling, seeing, tasting, smelling... the world is enlarging... bit by bit, step by step... 

I think... no, I'm sure as adults we lose sight of this.  Until we fuck up and it's taken away.  That's what I did.  Now I've got it back.  Now I can truly show my children how precious it is.

Anyone who's never had freedom the way we have it has no idea what this smells like... unless they have a small child.  I am thankful for mine.  Grateful for mine.  Cherish mine.