No more fridge metaphors. I promise.

The repair guy came today.  What a life. 

What do you do I said.
Repair fridges.
No way I said.
Yeah he said.  Its a living.
Really a living I said.
Yeah.  Not bad.
What do you do he said.
Break fridges I said.
No way he said.
Yeah I said.  It gives guys like you a living.

Ok... that was a scene in my mind, not in real life... we have those.  Don't try to tell me you don't.  You know you do.  Please forgive the dialogue style.  I'm experimenting with a James Frey-esque thing.  For those of you who don't know who that is... Google him or read my "review" of Bright Shiny Morning here.

Thus endeth the not-so-frozen refrigerator episode of my mental smoke stack.  I'm happy about that because really... on the creative scale this was kind of like humus.  Bleh.  Oh, but I've got more...


My Fridge Actually Broke Last Night...

That's no joke.  At 1 AM found myself administering the smell test to various containered items.  <Sniff> yeah, that's good.  <Sniff Sniff> holy shit not that (THUMP, in the can) <Sniff Sniff> uh.... hmmm.... <SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF>... oh... well I guess someone will eat it...

On and on until the damn thing was empty.  Even the back of the freezer.  I put all the food in a second fridge downstairs and the frozen items in the freezer in the garage.  And then I thought about this little thing I'm doing here and what a coincidence it may be... starting something I compare to mental fridge clearing and then my fridge actually...  right... you get the point.  Coincidence?  Of course.  A good excuse to kid myself into continuing this as if it's some part of a transcendental tap-in to the "Universal Soul"?  Of course.  Here's another one from WAY back in the mind fridge.  <SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF>... oh... well I guess someone will eat it...

Cool Down

White heat
Hot Flash

Lives connect
Then dissipate

Caressing steam
Cools passion



- - Did you ever walk by someone and have that experience??


More from the Fridge

Writing is therapy for me.  It helps to complete thoughts that have no meaning, or that have no end... until they do.  I'm not sure even I understand that.  Something will reach out and grab me.  Then it won't let go.  Sometimes for 15 minutes, more often for days or even weeks.  The short ones release and disappear.  I find myself at times trying to remember what they were.  The longer, deeper thoughts trouble me. 

Like eyes.  Just the thought of someone's eyes triggers something deep in my soul.  Windows do the same thing...

Peace Blue

Eyes of deep blue peace
Mysterious paradise

Love lost
Only to be found

Love Denied
Only in Need

Blue Velvet
The love is sweet

That was one of the most beautiful sets of eyes I've ever well... laid eyes on.


The Beginning

A creative explosion is hard to find and difficult to identify. So I'm not going to call this one.

This little experiment is more like "creative discharge"... Verse, thoughts, feelings mixed with anticipation, love, hurt and a bit of envy wrapped not-very-neatly into the pages of this blog.

It's kind of like clearing out a stuffed frige. You find good stuff and bad stuff with a little "iffy" in between.

Here's something I've pulled from the back...

Velvet Lines

Deep discovery
Dark understanding

Their purpose

Velvet Lines

Black thoughts
Opaque vail

Their meaning

Velvet Lines

Yep. That's been in the fridge for 10 years.