No more fridge metaphors. I promise.

The repair guy came today.  What a life. 

What do you do I said.
Repair fridges.
No way I said.
Yeah he said.  Its a living.
Really a living I said.
Yeah.  Not bad.
What do you do he said.
Break fridges I said.
No way he said.
Yeah I said.  It gives guys like you a living.

Ok... that was a scene in my mind, not in real life... we have those.  Don't try to tell me you don't.  You know you do.  Please forgive the dialogue style.  I'm experimenting with a James Frey-esque thing.  For those of you who don't know who that is... Google him or read my "review" of Bright Shiny Morning here.

Thus endeth the not-so-frozen refrigerator episode of my mental smoke stack.  I'm happy about that because really... on the creative scale this was kind of like humus.  Bleh.  Oh, but I've got more...

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