My Little World

I've just started realizing that all I have is in "My Little World."  It seems so big to me sometimes.  Too big.  But in the grand scheme of things, it's really just... "My Little World."  And it really doesn't matter to anyone unless "Thier Little World" collides with mine.  Sometimes it seems like the only worlds that collide with mine are driven by asshats.  Sometimes it seems like nobody wants to drive "Their Little World" anywhere close to mine.  I'm cool with that.  I'm not cool with the asshats.  

Once in a while I figure out that I'm the asshat driving my world into someone elses.  Figure that one out... when are you able to determine that you're an asshat?  What tips you off?


It's been frigid around here...

Mainly because I can be a lazy asshole.  And I have been.  And my body hates me for it, but my mind thanks me for it.  Fuck the fridge.  Fuck the refrigerator guy.  Not that I don't like the "guys" that fix things... I can't fix lots of things.  But fuck him for being able to fix fridges.  Fuck you, too.  How's that for "beauty"?  Sometimes beauty can be found in the most mundane, boring, cardboard minutae.  Is that how you spell minutia?  or is that...

I don't know.  I want to be a metaphor, analogy and example all at the same time.  Good or bad.... it doesn't matter.  Just when I think I am... something fucks me over and I realize that, well... I am.  Damn I hate that. 

Did you ever think that love in your heart can mean stink in your fart?  And is that an analogy or a metaphor or just something really stupid I thought of while trying to make shit up for this???

How discretely beautiful.  I know... I'm a lazy asshole.