The Bottleneck

I have bottle-necked feelings.  We all do.  They are beautiful on their own.  Once in a while, the bottleneck breaks and they rush out.  Unfettered, unfiltered, raw and biting... like a hand-rolled cigarette. These are the most beautiful feelings of all.  You can't stop them, deny them, hold them, caress them.  They smack your face, freeze your gut and burst your heart all at once.  They hate, love, hurt, and soothe.  They crush.  They release.

It's one big fucking eruption and then... relaxation.  This happens to me at least twice a year.  I won't deny it... to do so would be to deny my very humanity.  I need them.  I want them.   I must feel them.  Hell, sometimes I go crazy for them.

They've happened alot lately.  Shit... I'm 40.  Guess it's time for one mean mid-life...  why not?

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