is forever.
How do I know
what it is?

Force or willed,
the walls close in

Frustration sets in,
a subdued explosion
of emotions,
then quiet.

Patience does not exist;
only moments of sanity.

This is one from the vault.  I "mind-wrote" it sitting in a cinder-block room.  Use your imagination if you can't figure out what that means...

Whatever.  Your version of patience and mine will always differ.  They may cross paths, but the point that two lines meet to form an "X" is only a point.  A moment in time.  A moment of shared sanity... then... on with your life.

Sanity is a form of patience.  Life is only marginally sane at times.  Most of us lack patience... therefore we lack... yeah... I know it's obvious.  Sanity.  There. I said it.  Happy Saturday.  Be sane.

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